Deluxe Legendary & Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger Review (Power Ranger Super Megaforce)

Welcome to my review of the DX Legendary and Gosei Great Zord Armors. Each of the zord armors is based off of the Megaforce and Super Megaforce seasons, and come with a small badly painted figure from that season. They are armors that can fit the small ranger figure inside. They also are completely zord builder compatible so you can combine it with other zords and such. A unique feature to them is there arms are actually keys that work in the Legendary Morpher.  Need to pick these up? Find out in the review.



Neat designs.

Zord Builder compatible.

Making one of the arms a key is a neat idea.



With the “arm key” had a unique sound.

The awful ranger figure that is included.



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