Legendary Megazord Review (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Welcome to my review of the Legendary Megazord from Power Rangers Super Megaforce. As per usual this megazord is comprised of five separate zords that combine into one Megazord. The Legendary Megazord will combine with various aux zords and also continues the zord builder mechanic making it compatible with zord releases since the MMPR 2010 toy line. In the review we take a look at this megazord and compare it to its Japanese counterpart. So how did Bandai of America do this time? Should you pick this up for your collection or import this year? Find out in the review.


Solid substitute for the Japanese version.

The zord builder mechanic continues.

The key turn for the opening gimmick on the chest is a nice touch



Could use a bit more paint detail.

No opening gimmick for all the zords.

The individual zords are noting to write home about.

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